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金田 七郎國真

Kaneda  Shichiro Kunizane

Kunizane is a sword smith who makes Japanese swords aimed at the Kamakura-era Bizen tradition, such as Ichimonji and Osafune.

He was born in 1989 in a family that had no connection to Japanese swords.
The turning point in his life was a book he came across when he was in high school.
The book was titled "The Art of Japanese Sword" and it was written by one of Japan's foremost sword smiths, Kunihira Kawachi(河内國平).
When he encountered the book, he was shocked by Kunihira's way of being and living as a craftsman.

After graduating from high school, he became Kunihira's apprentice and lived under his tutelage for 10 years.
Kunihira taught him not only how to make Japanese swords, but also how to deal with his work and how to be a craftsman, which was Kunihira's life itself.

He was later granted independence by Kunihira, and was given the name "Kunizane(國真)" which was derived from the character for "國" in the name Kunihira(國平).

He now lives in Yamazoe Village, Nara Prefecture, where he works daily.

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