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Hatsu Kitae

This is the first sword I ever made, and it is the one that won the third prize and the rookie of the year award at the Japanese sword competition in 2015.

It is a sword that I made with great effort, remembering the seven years of my apprenticeship and receiving advice from my master.

The blade is a little fine, but the overall shape of the blade is an old-fashioned "choji" blade, and the ground iron has a random pattern of reflections, a technique inherited from the master Kawachi Kunihira.

This is one of my beginnings, but I have not yet achieved more than this tachi in terms of competition results, so this is a goal to be surpassed in the future.

I was so happy to win an award for my work that I asked my master to sign my scabbard.

◆Sold Out◆

Reference prices: \1,760,000/$13,600

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